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roof insulated with wool finished with earth rendering on canes combles fini combles fini combles fini douche - mur BTA colombages enduits
 Roof insulation & rendering
Finishing coat
The loft finished
The end wall
View towards the roof-light
The shower made with LEC
Rendering finished
Rendering finished with linseed oil
The wash-basin
Mounting the timber frame
Preparation LEC
Lightweight Earth Concrete
Infilling with LEC
Electrical wiring
Detail of infilling
Half-timbered wall filled with LEC
Seen from the inside
Half-timbered wall with a quarter-round
The inside
Half-timbered wall - finish
Joint detail

autre inspection vue avant
Detail of woodwork with earth rendering

Detail of masonry with earth rendering

Starting the rendering on the chimney Rendering finished on chimney
Rendering finished on chimney